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“Construction Co. Seeks Coverage For Subcontractor Mistake” Law 360 Article Summary

Law 360 recently wrote an article about a federal trial our firm is handling involving a corporate insurance claim. Our firm represents Dimas Bros. Construction LLC who is seeking coverage for substandard work that was done by a subcontractor. 

Dimas Bros Construction has stated that FCCI Insurance Co. has refused to cover $258,000 in damages under its policy that is supposed to provide commercial general liability, commercial property and contractors liability coverage.

The policy clearly states that it covers defective work and/or constructions, as well as property damage. The insurance company’s unwillingness to abide by their own contract puts our client in a very difficult position.

FCCI denied our claim for coverage in October of 2019. The insurer cited several exclusions that barred coverage without any elaboration or proper investigation leading to the denial.

It is our contention that FCCI has taken advantage of our clients’ lack of knowledge in the insurance claims process and misrepresented losses covered under the policy and failed to disclose pertinent information regarding damages to the plaintiff.

You can read the full article here: 

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Pena Aleczander Law Firm