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Jaime Peña and Carlos Garcia Secure Dismissal of Murder Charges for Client Juan Pablo Alonzo

EDINBURG — Defense attorneys Jaime Peña and Carlos Garcia, are pleased to announce the dismissal of all murder charges against their client, Juan Pablo Alonzo, in the 332nd District Court, Hidalgo County, Texas.

After months of diligent investigation, preparation, and legal advocacy, the evidence—or lack thereof—became undeniable. This dismissal serves as a testament to the importance of a thorough and uncompromising legal defense.

Attorney Jaime Pena commented on the victory, stating, “Our primary goal has always been to seek justice by understanding the context of the situation. Today, justice was served by ensuring that an innocent individual will not face the repercussions of an alleged crime when the facts and circumstances demonstrate justified self-defense.”

Jaime Peña and Carlos Garcia

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Pena Aleczander Law Firm