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Peña Aleczander Welcomes Back Former Staff Member Jessica Gamez as a Rising Attorney and Celebrates Her Published Research on Combating Juvenile Gun Violence


 McAllen, TX – Peña Alecznader is thrilled to announce the return of former staff member Jessica Gamez, who is completing law school and will soon join the firm as an attorney. Jessica has showcased her exceptional legal acumen and commitment to the pursuit of justice through her recent research publication in the Mississippi Free Press News, which discusses the importance of addressing juvenile gun violence and proposes the creation of gun courts in Mississippi.

The article citing Jessica's research, titled "RestrictJuvenile Access To Guns, Prevent Recidivism," highlights the public-health crisis caused by the rise in gun violence, particularly in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. She provides an in-depth analysis of the mental, emotional, and neurological impact of gun violence on children, and how it disproportionately affects underserved communities of color. The article emphasizes the correlation between states' gun law strength and firearm mortality rates, using Mississippi as a case study.

The article proposes the creation of gun courts in Mississippi as a comprehensive strategic plan to address the complexity and nuances of juvenile gun violence. Drawing from the successful implementation of a similar specialty court in Alabama, Jessica's research suggests that gun courts would focus on gun safety and education, alternative nonviolent self-defense methods, family counseling, and socioeconomic inequalities that contribute to gun violence, among other factors.

Jaime Peña, the Founder and ManagingPartner at Peña Alecznader commented on Jessica's achievements, "We are immensely proud of Jessica's growth and accomplishments during her time away from our firm. Her research publication not only reflects her dedication to the legal field but also showcases her ability to make a meaningful impact. We are confident that Jessica will be an invaluable asset to our team, and we eagerly await her return as an attorney."

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