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The Triumph of Visual Storytelling: "NOT GUILTY" Verdict in Federal Drug Conspiracy Case in Dallas, Texas


Carlos Garcia and Jaime Peña heading to Dallas Federal Courthouse

DALLAS,Texas – Trial attorneys Jaime Peña of Peña Aleczander andCarlos Garcia of The Law office of Carlos A. Garcia, have successfully defended a client in the United States District Court for the Northern District of TexasDallas Division, securing a "NOT GUILTY" verdict on April 10, 2023.The trial, which lasted four days, was presided over by Judge Karen Gren Scholer.

The client was charged with Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute a ControlledSubstance, specifically 5 or more kilos of cocaine. The prosecution's seemingly strong case hinged on the testimony of two co-conspirators, cellphone extraction data, cell tower records, and a recorded phone call.

Defendant's Demonstrative No. 89 in USA v. Roberto Leal Jr. - 3:22-CR0038-S

Throughout the trial, Mr. Garcia and Mr. Peña diligently unraveled the hidden complexities and exposed shortcomings and discrepancies in the government's investigation. During cross-examination, Mr. Garcia highlighted the lack of DNA or fingerprint analysis on the seized drugs, questioned the vagueness of the recorded phone call, and pointed out the absence of surveillance in the months-long investigation.                                                 

Adding another layer to the narrative, Mr.Peña revealed during the cross-examination of one of the coconspirators the inaccuracies in the government's timeline of events based on text messaging records. He also questioned the government's expert witness, confirming that crucial cell tower data and cellphone extraction records had been overlooked.

This victory marks the second "NOTGUILTY" verdict achieved by Jaime Peña and Carlos Garcia as a team. Their previous success came in the high-profile Voter Fraud case against former City of Edinburg Mayor, Richard Molina.

Carlos Garcia stated, "I think it was extremely important for the jury to hear the whole story in this case, with so many facts being taken out of context, there was no way the jury could have made a fair judgment of the facts." Mr. Jaime Peña added, "As trial lawyers, we know that the jury needs to hear a story, any tools that can help them gain a better and more clear understanding of the facts are crucial parts of a defense."

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